Script Creation Best Practices

 Having an effective script for your calls is imperative for any campaign to achieve success. Your campaign can have the best data in the world and call all the right people, but if you don’t effectively communicate your message it is all meaningless. Having a good script is the difference between obtaining a vote pledge and being hung up on. Scripting is something that is often overlooked because it seems simple, and it really is. Yet, it is vitally important to your campaign. At EZPolitix we help our clients with writing scripts and best practices every day. We have seen tens of thousands of different scripts, and more importantly the data that comes back telling us how voters react to certain aspects and questions.


We can’t cover every aspect of script building and best practices in a quick post but let’s go over a few do’s and don’ts.


Be succinct – It all starts with your opening. You need something that will keep that caller on the line, but you also need to be introduce yourself and make sure the voter knows why you are calling. The hard part is you only have a few seconds to pull it off. “Hi, my name is ____ and I am running for ___” is great. We’ve seen all kinds of scripts where the campaign started off with something elaborate or even with an apology. Don’t start by saying ‘I’m sorry to bother you, but’ or ‘do you have a few seconds’. If you were sorry to bother someone you wouldn’t be calling, and asking if they have a few seconds only givers the person you called an easy way to get off the call and say no. Begin your call by telling the voter directly who you are and What you are calling for.


Understand your audience – Know who you are calling and what they are interested in. Campaigns all have messaging, but you also have specific messaging for specific groups of people. Tailor your script to focus on areas where you will agree with the voters you are calling. You want your calls to remain positive and talk about issues where the voter will agree with you. After the call you want the voter to think, ‘I really like that person.’ You can accomplish this by understanding your audience and focusing your script on areas of agreement.


Be respectful – Under no circumstances do you want to insult the voter. That is obvious and something we all understand. But we have also seen scripts that do just that, albeit unintentionally. Be cognizant of how you phrase questions and statements. If you are calling infrequent voters to encourage them to vote this election there are several effective ways to do it, and even more that will leave them with a bad impression.


Scripting is an often-overlooked aspect of campaigns but it can make or break your messaging. At EZPolitix we work with our clients every day to ensure that when they are contacting voters they are doing so in an efficient and effective way to get the best results.

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