P2 by EZ PolitixTM

Is your campaign using one of the hottest new technologies?  Peer-to-Peer texting use has exploded in the last year.  Let us help your campaign get up and running the right way with compliant peer to peer text messaging.

Unlike emails, people always check their phones.  When a text comes in, it gets seen and read.  Text messaging is a great and efficient way to get your message directly in the hands of voters quickly and effectively.

Trust EZPpolitix to make sure your messages are delivered accurately and efficiently.  Compliance is the name of the game at EZ Politix and we are constantly working with the telecommunication companies and regulators to ensure everything we do is compliant in this rapidly emerging market.  Every text your campaign sends will come from a local phone number and provide you with all the same data as a phone call.  We track who opens and reads your texts and ensure that they are in front of the voters who need your messaging most.

Don’t have the volunteers to initiate the text messages?  Ask about our paid peer to peer programs and let us send your texts for you so you can spend your time on other issues.