Lane Koch

Senior Vice President

Lane Koch is an award-winning grassroots strategist serving as Senior Vice President at GOCO Consulting and Senior Vice President at EZ Politix.  Lane provides GOCO and EZ Politix clients with campaign solutions and services to meet their specific needs and achieve their goals.

Lane specializes in providing customized voter-contact platforms for candidates, ballot initiatives and more.  In the 2020 election cycle, she is providing campaigns with critical voter contact solutions that overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19 to help ensure her clients reach and activate voters.

With over 12 years of experience as a Republican field director and grassroots organizer, Lane provides management and senior-level strategy to help campaigns create and mobilize successful grassroots and field operations that result in winning campaigns.

Lane previously served as the National Director of Program and Business Development at Vanguard Field Strategies, where she drew on her experience and vast relationships to build effective grassroots teams to help Vanguard clients succeed in the 2020 election cycle.  In the 2018 election cycle alone, she helped manage the grassroots operations for more than 50 campaigns in 20 states.  Lane’s achievements in the field together with the entire Vanguard team were recently honored as the nation’s No. 1 paid field program.  Vanguard received the “2020 Reed Award for Best Use of Paid Field Program.”

As someone who has toiled in the field for campaigns of all sizes, Lane knows firsthand what it takes to mobilize large groups of volunteers with a too-often small staff in which the hours can be long and unforgiving.  She developed a field model for Vanguard clients that ushered in a new era of professionalism and organization to an essential division of any successful campaign.

Lane understands the importance of expanding the universe of grassroots beyond the party faithful and individual stakeholders.  She specializes in helping campaigns identify, recruit and mobilize volunteers who are new to the world of politics and campaigns.

Lane spent over a decade working for Republican elected officials and candidates at the national and state level where she has held nearly every title and leadership position in grassroots field operations.  She was recently elected as the National Committeewoman for the National Federation of Young Republicans in Missouri.

Lane’s national political experiences includes her work with the National Republican Committee’s victory grassroots efforts in Missouri to get out the vote for the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008 and the Romney-Ryan ticket in 2012.  Both presidential campaigns were successful in Missouri and she was part of the leadership team for the only state team in the country that delivered a battleground state for McCain-Palin.

Lane served as Deputy Political Director for Missouri Senator Roy Blunt’s successful U.S. Senate campaign in 2010 and later served as Small Business Liaison for the senator, building relationships with job creators and ensuring their concerns were heard by their elected leaders.  She has also planned, managed and executed grassroots operations for initiative petition campaigns as Political Director for the issue-advocacy division of Pelopidas.  Lane got her start as a field representative for Missouri Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond helping constituents navigate the federal bureaucracy.

Lane has been active in Republican politics since age seven where she helped her father phone bank and door knock for President George H.W. Bush.  She credits her father for inspiring her love of politics and an understanding of the empowerment that comes with volunteering.  In these early years, Lane learned the importance of doing one’s part, no matter how small, to help shape the direction of their community, region, state and country through grassroots activism.  Lane’s first grassroots campaign was her own.  In fifth grade, as a new student with no name ID, Lane ran for student body president and won, learning the value of a well-run grassroots program.

Lane grew up in the St. Louis suburbs and credits her parents for instilling in her the value of a strong work ethic and providing for one’s family.  Her grandmother is a source of inspiration in her personal and professional life.  Widowed at a young age, her grandmother went on to earn a Ph.D. and built a successful career as a real estate agent at a time when few women were entering this profession.

Lane is a member of the The Crossings in Chesterfield, Missouri, where she volunteers her time to advance the ministry.

Lane graduated from Taylor University with a degree in Political Science and is currently studying to receive her Masters in Political Management from George Washington University.

Lane and her family call suburban St. Louis, Missouri home.


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