EZ PeerText SurveyTM

It’s a common complaint, how do we reach and survey voters that we can’t reach via phone or door-to-door?

Let us help with Peer-to-Peer text surveys.  Watch your data join the rest of the C2 EZPolitix system in Realtime!  All surveys are matched back to the number and voter file ID’s in which they were sent from.  This gives your ID and GOTV programs a much-needed advantage over the competition.  There is no need to worry about a recipient sending a survey to their friends to skew results.  Our text surveys are all encrypted and time stamped so that only the intended recipient can answer them.

What’s more, with electronic surveys you can easily work education pieces into the mix for respondents based on how they answered a previous question.  If someone responds how you would like and you want them to know that you agree, or push a further message to only that subgroup, you can do that easily with Peer-to-peer texted surveys.  Allow us to work with you to take your campaign’s messaging and outreach to the next level.  Peer-to-peer texted surveys do just that.