EZ-Digital Ads

Street Address Digital Ads. Just a few years ago, it was unthinkable that digital ads could be served to your targeted voter’s home address with 95% accuracy. Yet, that day has come. As part of our fully-integrated application stack, digital ads targeted to your targeted voter’s street address are incredibly effective.

Just like you would send snail mail to a voter though the postal service, or knock on a voter’s door, that’s how we treat digital ads.  By loading up your targeted universe, our system remotely harvests about half of the IP addresses of those voters.  Rather than picking and choosing websites to put your ads on based on topic, we target ad slots on the site your targeted voter is just about to load on their screen.

Ads served this way hit their targets with the same accuracy (95%) as direct mail.  Because ads are served at the router level, everyone logged on your household wifi could be served your ads.  Political ad CTR’s using this method tend to run significantly higher than methods merely targeting demographics.  We have served millions of impressions using this technique.