A staple of political campaigns for more than a century, going door-to-door is the bedrock of grassroots campaigns. The EZ-Canvas app provides an easy-to-use volunteer experience like none other.  With low data and battery usage, advanced mapping and data, the EZ-Canvas app is a must-have in your campaign tool chest.

Walking in a precinct with spotty reception or poor data coverage? Our walk app doesn’t require a data connection to run.  After you load the initial walk you can turn your phone into airplane mode if you would like.  All data is stored in your local storage until you have a connection and it can upload.  What this means to you is that your battery last longer and your can go further.

Field directors and campaign managers can also take advantage of the EZPolitix data system that allows your campaign to see exactly where the data was obtained compared to the location of the house.  This cuts down on unreliable data and lost money during paid canvassing efforts.