Effectively Engaging Volunteers

Happy volunteers are productive volunteers.  Your campaigns volunteers show up because that have bought into your message and vision.  But they also value their time, and how you utilize that will determine if they return. If you want to keep your volunteers coming back you must show provide them value for their work.  Your volunteers are going to be one of your greatest assets, but only if you can keep them.  Let’s cover a few easy ways to keep your volunteers happy. 


Value their time.  Your volunteers are giving up time with their families, income, and many other opportunities to help your campaign.  Make sure that their time is well spent.  If you have a group coming in to walk for you make sure that their walkapp logins and lists are ready before they get there.  If a volunteer is going to be making calls don’t have them using a dialer where they spend more time waiting for a call than actually talking to voters.  The EZPolitix predictive and Peer-Predictive dialers are great for this!  With our dialers volunteers will only talk to live people and will not waste precious time listening to hold music between calls. 

Organize fun volunteer events.  Don’t just have some old pizza and soda in the fridge for volunteers to grab.  We have worked with campaigns that have had some very successful volunteer events.  One that comes to mind is a wine and cheese lady’s call night.  This campaign hosted this event one night a week.  They bought a few bottles of wine, cheese, and crackers for volunteers and had a great time.  There were about 15-20 volunteers there every time. 

Give your volunteers titles.  Depending on your race, you may not have much by way of paid campaign staff.  When you find a great volunteer and want to keep them engaged give them a title.  Titles are absolutely free to give out and will make the individuals who receive them feel valued and appreciated.  If you put someone in charge or a specific task they will be more likely to not only complete it, but stay engaged and even recruit others to help.

At EZPolitix we have been working with campaigns of all sizes for years.  Our mission is to help yours ensure that your volunteers and staff are being as efficient and effective as possible.  Campaigns are all about the voters you talk to and share your message with.  Effectively engaging and mobilizing your volunteers will produce great results.  

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