About Us

From our very beginnings EZ Politix has had one simple mission, to provide our clients with the newest groundbreaking technology designed specifically for political use.  The company began over a decade ago as the vision of a software programmer you also volunteered his time with political candidates. At that time campaigns were still using paper walk list and manually dialing out voter phone numbers via hardwired landline phones.  The vision was simple, how can we incorporate technology into political campaigns to allow them more effectively manage their time and contact voters.  Campaign technology has come a long way since then and EZ Politix has remained at the forefront.  We have grown from a small company ran out of our founder’s basement in Omaha, Nebraska, into a firm the provides state-of-the-art political applications to candidates across the country up and down the ballot.


Whether you are a political novice or a veteran congressman, our platform and products are built to give you the edge you need.  Planning, executing, tracking and understanding data-driven grassroots political campaign efforts is a tall order. The EZ Politix integrated campaign application stack is designed to enable your campaign to exert command and control with a simple platform.