Command and Control

The C2 Integrated system By EZPolitix

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C2 stands for “Command and Control,” two essential elements of any successful campaign. Built from the ground up for campaigns focused on candidates, issues, and government affairs, C2 integrates everything in the EZ Politix™ cloud-based application stack.

Save Time

You’ll be able to control all of your applications from your mobile device, and you’ll be able to deploy lists to canvassers with swipe of your finger.

Full Control

With your scrolling newsfeed, you’ll see who is being called, who has been called, who is walking, and how many calls remain to be completed. You’ll even see a photo of the last door knocked, since our quick reference panel ticks phones calls and door knocks. Amazingly, you’ll even see where your walkers were in relation to the targeted household when they entered the data.


The Ferrari of predictive phone banking… Successful phone banks are those that result in a high number of actual voter contacts, not just the number of phone calls made. With that in mind, it is imperative to utilize TruePredictive™ by EZ Politix™ to make calls to landlines…


Compliant calls to cell phones leaves “one touch” in the dust……. In the new world of TCPA, PeerPredictiveTM by EZ PolitixTM is a game changer for political campaigns seeking to call voters on their cell numbers. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only Republican campaign tech firm to offer this ability…


A staple of political campaigns for more than a century, going door-to-door is the bedrock of grassroots campaigns. The EZ-CanvassTM app provides an easy-to-use volunteer experience like no other, with advanced mapping and data while keeping cellular data and battery usage to a minimum…

EZ CallCenter™

The days of not having enough volunteers are over. When your campaign needs extra help getting your message out, EZ CallCenter™ is here to pick up the slack.

P2 by EZ Politix™

Peer-to-Peer texting use has exploded in the last year. How do you make sure you’re not stuck with the “spreadsheet shuffle” or noncompliant messages? At EZ Politix, EVERYTHING we do is compliant and fully integrated into the C2 Platform.

EZ-Digital Ads

Street Address Digital Ads. Just a few years ago, it was unthinkable that digital ads could be served to your targeted voter’s home address with 95% accuracy. Yet, that day has come. As part of our fully-integrated application stack, digital ads targeted to your targeted voter’s street address are incredibly effective.

Patch Calling

If you are a government affairs agency, or an issue-based PAC, let us help you by utilizing our friendly and professional paid callers to generate patch calls for your organization.


One of the most asked about and most important topics in our industry is how a campaign is polling. Allow us to put your mind at ease with effective and accurate polling on a wide range of data points.

PeerTexting Survey™

It’s a common question: “How do you reach and survey voters that you can’t reach via the phone or at the door?” Let us help with Peer-to-Peer texted surveys and polls.